Why EPT™ Works

Eventually we all get stuck in life.  We experience hurt, failure or unavoidable events.  EPT™ can quickly reveal what the mind conceals. Emotions are basically energy in motion.  When EPT™ is utilized, we gain an understanding as to why we respond to similar situations repeatedly in the same way. Understanding and releasing negative emotions helps us move away from being “stuck” in these patterns and shift into unlocking greater potential for our lives.
Simply stated EPT™ can help people let go of past hurts, anxiety, trauma, depression, grudges, resentment, chronic pain, anger and so much more.  What is getting in the way of you having what you really want in your life?  What is holding you back?  What do you need to let go of that is no longer serving you?

Where did EPT™ come from?

EPT™ was developed by Dr. Annette Cargioli, DC who began her work over three decades ago.  Dr. Cargioli practices in Indiana and recently released her book “The Forgiveness Doctor” which details the process of EPT™ and the journey to connect forgiveness and healing.

What does an EPT™ session look like?

An EPT™ session looks a lot like two friends talking. We sit in chairs facing one another and I use one of your wrists to demonstrate what your “strong” muscle test looks like by applying light pressure to it. You decide what you would like the focus to be. A weak muscle test indicates an emotional connection to be cleared.

The first few minutes of the session are spent identifying (“find it”) the emotions and organs, then we move into the “fix it” phase, and the rest of the session is about forgiveness (“forgive it”). We forgive ourselves, we forgive others and then give permission for others to forgive us. Directed affirmations and forgiveness statements allow for a new perspective. Each EPT™ session is unique to a client’s specific needs, beliefs and their identified focus. A typical session lasts an hour. I recommend that patients see me for seven sessions to get the maximum benefit from this therapy. However there are some issues like chronic depression, lifelong pain or grief that take more time to reach maximum benefit. Most people experience some notable relief after only one session.

Why Forgiveness?

A limiting belief is a thought or idea that you accept as your reality based on your perception of an event or a relationship. It is essentially your “truth” at that given time.  What we believe creates our perception of reality. EPT™ will help you understand your feelings, where they originate and how to release them to make room for more success in your life. Forgiveness is the key to setting yourself free.  It is about forgiving yourself for what you thought was true and giving yourself permission and choice to think about things differently. This new perception will allow for an increased awareness of self and a peace that is life changing. You become free to love the impossible in your life.

What can EPT™ help with?


Bed wetting

Business Growth

Insomnia & Other Sleeping Disorders

Digestive Symptoms


Family healing


High Blood Pressure

ADD/ADHD & Other Learning Disabilities

Nail Biting

Weight issues

Physical Pain

Anxiety / Depression

Corporate Growth



Cancer Treatment and Support

Personality Disorders

Chronic pain

And so much more!


How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Emotional Polarity Technique™ is an innovative holistic therapy that combines energy, intuition and forgiveness to help you create more of what you want in your life right now.

A collaborative, intentional program of EPT™ holistic therapy is recommended for clients to experience astonishing life changes.

Just 7 EPT™ sessions* to get optimal results from this therapy.

On your second session, your EPT™ practitioner will give you an evaluation that outlines your personal healing goals along with your personalized EPT™ healing map that will serve to help you meet your goals.

Sessions are scheduled between 1 and 3 weeks apart.

By purchasing all 7 sessions at once, you can save over $140 on the entire cost of your holistic emotional therapy. Releasing what no longer serves you has never been faster, easier and more enjoyable. This is not where you thought you were going.
It’s so much better.

*There are some life situations that naturally require more than 7 sessions. Your EPT™ practitioner will know if your individual situation will require more sessions and will advise you on how you may experience the benefits of EPT™ to support your life story.

*At the end of your 7 sessions, You and your EPT™ practitioner will evaluate the goals you have reached and determine any needs you may desire for continued care.