Forgiveness is the key

Forgiveness is the key

Forgiveness is the key

What is EPT?™

Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT™) is a holistic (whole body, natural) therapy that can speed up the healing process. The research today proves just how much our physical health is influenced by our emotions, thoughts and words. The body stores emotions on a cellular level as a way of dealing with trauma. Energy flows unobstructed in a healthy body. This emotional and physical trauma can cause blockages which, if left unresolved may lead to dis-ease within the body. In an EPT™ session we can quickly identify the emotional cause of an issue that a person is experiencing. Using muscle testing, which involves a light touch to your wrist area and asking you simple questions we identify the root issue. Releasing the charged emotion interrupts the old negative pattern and allows the energy to flow differently within the body. The remainder of the session focuses on forgiveness and positive affirmations.



“I have been seeing Tammy as my therapist for several years. This past week when I saw her I mentioned that my knee was really bothering me. So, of course, she tested it. Turns out the pain was caused by trapped emotions. She did her work on it and I was skeptical to say the least. However, when I woke up the next day, my pain was 90% gone!!! I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t do anything different than I had been doing the days before seeing Tammy. I am no longer skeptical and would highly recommend Tammy for any therapeutic needs!”


Summerville, SC

“I started seeing Tammy for grief counseling with the loss of my mother, and we quickly moved onto other areas. Working with a therapist who incorporates EPT into her practice changed everything for me and helped me identify and release deep-seated emotions that I had unknowingly been holding onto for years. I felt a sense of healing and peace that I had never experienced before. EPT seems to supercharge traditional therapy and progress is made more quickly. If you want traditional therapy, that’s available, too. Tammy’s kind, compassionate and intuitive approach, coupled with the use of EPT, allowed me to process feelings in a transformative way. I am so grateful I found her, and I highly recommend Tammy to anyone who is looking for a holistic and effective therapist.”


Summerville, SC

“It’s incredible the way people come into our lives at exactly the right moment…
Tammy started her first day of work at the exact moment I needed her.  I went to work that day actually hoping I didn’t have any clients.  My treatment room used to be a sanctuary, a place where I felt grounded.  Recent events in my personal life left me furious, devastated, confused and jealous. Every time I got quiet, my brain went into overload with emotions.  I began my work with Tammy that day and we released so many emotions.  After only a few sessions, I began to sleep better and felt like I could concentrate again. When my thoughts began to wander and I would think of my life as it used to be, instead of feeling anxiety and sadness, I had Tammy’s words of forgiveness and gratitude.  Everything about Tammy makes her the most amazing EPT™ practitioner and a powerful healer.  I would recommend her to anyone I care about!”

Kat – Massage Therapist

Summerville, SC

“As a mother, wife, friend, employee, and all the other hats I wear on a daily basis, I felt compelled to be put together 100% of the time. The weight of the world pressing down harder every day. The hardest thing I have ever done is wave my white flag and ask for help. I felt like a shell of person, moving through each and every day on auto pilot. I didn’t feel passion, joy. What is wrong with me? My life is beautiful. Exactly what I wanted. Except where do I fit in? I remember one day sitting on the couch thinking, if I’m so happy, why am I shriveled up inside? And then I met Tammy. She is hands down a Godsend. I needed her. I needed healing. At my first appointment, I was blown away at not only her talent and expertise for reading my body, but also her compassion and commitment to helping me find myself again. The Forgiveness Connection has shown me how to listen to myself and my body and really let go and let God. I have never felt so confident, joyous, and present. Thank you so much Tammy for restoring me back to a normal human being, if that’s even possible! I love you girl and I’m forever grateful for you!”

Janet – Purely Coastal Essential Oils

Summerville, SC

“At the end of March 2016, I was dealing with a very difficult loss that was fairly unexpected & very draining- physically, mentally, and emotionally. This was my first real experience losing a loved one as an young adult on top of being new small business owner. Up until this point I really never had any truly challenging or low moments in my life. I was always proud to be a very stable & neutral person just taking a smooth ride through life. Needless to say, I was a wreck trying to deal with these new surging thoughts & unpredictable emotions. I met Tammy through a professional group many months earlier. I was intrigued by her business & EPT; however, I did not have any need for her services at the time. In April, I reached out to Tammy to see if EPT could help me deal with the emotional roller-coaster I found myself on trying to balance grief & stress. It is now mid-June, and I have completed 7 sessions. I can’t even begin to put into words how great I feel and how much Tammy & EPT have helped me. She saved me from going down a very, very dark tunnel. I believe in Tammy & the benefits of EPT so much that I am continuing to see her regularly to manage the challenges, stress & anxiety that comes with owning & operating a small business. Please do not hesitate to contact Tammy for one second or to refer someone to The Forgiveness Connection. I highly recommend her & the process of EPT! I am a true believer in the process, and I promise you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much, Tammy!!!”

Claire – Local Business Owner

Summerville, SC

“Tammy is a very skilled, intuitive, compassionate holistic healer & EPT practitioner. She has helped me through some “curve balls” life threw at me, even while working with me long distance over the phone. I would recommend Tammy with the highest recommendation possible.”

Kim – Relief Thru EPT

Huntsville, AL

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