Tamela singley

About Me

My heart is so full of gratitude to God for the healing journey that He has me on.  My journey began a couple of years ago when I was suffering from chronic stomach issues.  I was referred by a friend to a nutrition counselor who was also an EPT™ practitioner.  She introduced me to the amazing world of healing through forgiveness.  As we peeled back the layers of hurt and loss, I felt so much better. My symptoms were completely eliminated. It was such an incredible transformation. It was as if the weight of the world had been removed from my shoulders.  I was able to release negative patterns in my life that I had held onto for years.

Since my background is in Social Work, it was very intriguing to me that I could feel so much better without having to “tell my entire life story again”. I continued to receive EPT™ and also began to research forgiveness and natural healing modalities.  I originally became a certified EPT™ practitioner to help my family and friends however I quickly realized that I could help so many more people. It is my goal to teach others about forgiveness and how their emotions can be blocking them from the life that they want.  I look forward to helping you in your healing journey. God Bless!

Professional Licenses

  • Licensed Independent Social Worker CP in South Carolina – License #11517
  • Certified EPT™ practitioner